DelayLab utilizes precise modeling technology to recreate the most coveted vintage tape echo and BBD devices. Combined with a Stereo Looper and 30 rewritable presets, the VOX DelayLab is the ultimate delay effect!

  • 30 distinct delay effects
  • 28 seconds of Stereo Looping
  • Delay time ranging from 1 milliseconds to four seconds
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Dynamic Looper

The VOX Dynamic Looper allows you to create, play, and dynamically control looped phrases in real time. The Optimized effects and musical loop tools offered by the Dynamic Looper promise to bring unprecedented new dimensions to your live performance!

  • Intuitive footpedal control
  • 11 Pre Effects; 11 Loop effects
  • 100 customizable programs; Microphone input
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Lil' Looper

VOX’s Lil’ Looper allows for effortless and endless looping performances complimented by a full range of effects. Compatible with an array of instruments, the VOX Lil’ Looper is perfect for multi-instrumentalists or those who love to experiment. Additional features like loop quantizing and a built-in metronome ensure your next loop will come right on time.

  • Intuitive dual pedal design
  • Record for a total of 90 seconds on two independent loops
  • Record an infinite number of overdubs; 11 effects
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ToneLab EX

Designed specifically for the stage, the ToneLab EX is a powerful and flexible tonal palette that provides players with an array of authentic tube amp sounds, dozens of premium quality effects, and 200 ready-to-use professional programs. Once you’ve got your sounds dialed in, save them in one of the 100 available presets and easily recall them at your next show.

  • 12AX7 tube-driven Valve Reactor Technology
  • 33 accurate amp models, 11 cabinet models, 25 top-quality effects
  • 200 ready to use presets; Aux input, USB connectivity, on-board chromatic tuner
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ToneLab ST

Our most compact ToneLab ever offers thirty-three different amp models with a versatile selection of cabinets and effects to take your guitar playing to the next level. Compact enough to go anywhere, the ToneLab ST is the ideal companion for the travelling guitarist who requires professional, true-tube sound.

  • 12AX7 tube-driven Valve Reactor Technology
  • 33 accurate amp models, 25 top-quality effects
  • Aux input, USB connectivity, on-board chromatic tuner
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StompLab Series

Shattering the expectations for compact multi-effect units, the StompLab Series from VOX is available in 4 different varieties for guitarists and bassists alike. For guitarists, StompLab IG and IIG provide over 100 different studio-quality sound featuring everything from from classic tube amp models and vintage stompboxes to rare boutique amps and modern digital effects. Bassists aren’t left out as StompLab IB and IIB provide a collection of over 60 classic and modern tones, making this the ultimate grab and go effects unit.

  • Dedicated models for guitar and bass
  • Use up to 8 effects simultaneously
  • Built-in auto chromatic tuner
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