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The VC12SC FootcontrollerThe VFS5 Foot Controller

Indispensible and roadworthy, Vox's foot controllers and designed to enhance your performance and put you in total control of your sound.

The optional VC-12SV foot controller with expression pedal lets you control countless amp and effects functions of the Valvetronix series with your feet. Program changes, effect on/off, and tap-tempo setting for delay time and modulation speed are also controllable with the VC-12SV. The expression pedal can be used not only for volume or wah, but also to control the parameters of each effect, opening up numerous possibilities for live performance.

* Actual control parameter dependant on Valvetronix model. Works with AD120/60VT, AD120/60VTX, ToneLab and AD60VTH AD120VTH.

By using the optional VFS5 foot switch you can switch programs, turn reverb or other effects on/off, or make speed/tap settings using your foot. This is a great advantage when you're creating sounds or performing live. The VFS5 employs a tough steel design with traditional mechanical foot switches and an extra long five meter integral jack lead. The VFS5 currently works only with the following models: VT15, VT30, VT50 & VT100.

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