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When we set out to create Valvetronix, the goal was clear - design a digital modeling amp that sounded and felt great. A versatile amp that could superbly re-create every detail, every nuance of a collection of the world's most sought after guitar amplifiers. An amp that actually lives up to the promise that digital modeling amplifiers appear to offer, but have never achieved - until now.

We realised that reaching this goal wouldn't be easy. That it would require top-notch digital technology plus a valve power amp capable of modeling the power amp sections of a ton of classic and modern valve amplifiers. In over four tone-filled decades, VOX amplifiers have achieved classic, even cult, status. They're the amps of choice for countless pros. But we knew it would take more than our own guitar amplification expertise. We also needed the skill and experience of a high-tech music equipment innovator.

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Valvetronix Pro VTX150 Neodymium
Supercharged to befit the name: The Valvetronix Pro Series. Introducing the new VTX150 Neodymium – the pinnacle of VOX modeling amps.

Valvetronix+ VT20+ VT40+ VT80+ VT120+
This new range of Valvetronix amps is the successor to the very popular VT-Series & AD "Chrome" series. Features 33 amp models, 22 Effects + 3 separate reverb, 99 Programs and 8 user memories..

Models: VT20+ 20-watt 1x8" speaker, VT40+ 40-watt 1x10" speaker, VT80+ 80-watt 1x12" speaker, VT120 120-watt 2x12" speakers

Valvetronix VT15 VT30 VT50 VT100
Tthe successor to the very popular AD "Chrome" series. Features 22 amp models, 11 Effects + separate reverb, 66 Programs and 8 user memories..

Models: VT15 15-watt 1x8" speaker, VT30 30-watt 1x10" speaker, VT50 50-watt 1x12" speaker, VT100 100-watt 2x12" speakers


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