VOX UKELECTRIC Electric Ukulele

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Once you've played it, you'll be hooked!

The new Ukelectric - an electric ukulele with built-in amp and speaker

It's a solid body electric ukulele that you can play anytime and anywhere, and it's named the Ukelectric. Sporting the traditional VOX teardrop-shaped body, it features a built-in amp and speaker. With the perfect blend of unique specifications and loveable looks, it's the new ukulele that unmistakably says "VOX."

Turn on the power, and you'll be able to play through the built-in speaker, allowing the audience to easily hear the beautifully distinctive resonances of the ukulele whether you're on stage or performing at home. A soft case is included, so you can also use the Ukelectric as a travel ukulele. Since there's an output jack, you can connect it to a conventional amp or mixer for recording, or use it in live performances without fear of feedback.

Of course the volume is adjustable, and unlike a conventional ukulele, there is a minimal amount of acoustic sound projected when the power is turned off, allowing you to use the Ukelectric as a silent ukulele for practice at home without disturbing other people nearby.
The Ukelectric is available in four color variations: a natural brown that perfectly matches the tortoiseshell pickguard, an elegant black burst, a red burst, and a pop-feeling white.

Whether as a beginner's first ukulele or as a second instrument, this electric ukulele is the perfect match for anyone.

UKELECTRIC Specification

  • Size: Concert

  • Body: Mahogany

  • Finger Board: Rosewood

  • Finish: Polyurethane

  • Scale: 384mm

  • Amp output:   Maximum 2W RMS @8 Ω

  • Speaker:  3 inch 8Ω

  • Power supply:  9V alkaline battery(6LR61)×1

  • Color Variations: Natural Brawn (VEU-33C), Black Burst (VEU-33C-BB), Red Burst (VEU-33C-RB), White (VEU-33C-WH)

  • Accessories:   Soft case, Batteries x1 (for verifying operation)

* Appearance and specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.

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