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Classic Valve Amps. The late 1950’s saw the launch of the VOX AC15 shortly followed by the AC30; remarkable then and legendary today. Right from the start, VOX valve amplifiers were adopted by some of the world’s most outstanding musical talents including The Stones, The Beatles and The Shadows and countless others.

The AC30 is one of the most recorded guitar amplifiers in rock history, not surprising given its universally acclaimed warmth and three-dimensional tonal character. What is slightly surprising is that it seems to have lost none of popularity over the years, quite the reverse in fact.

AC30’s can be seen on stages and in recording studios the world over and are being used to make great, modern rock music.

The demand for these classic valve sounds is bigger than ever before, and we keep on building them to the same high standard and specifications as the ones that were responsible for some of history’s best known and loved music.

Get yourself along to your local VOX retailer, plug a guitar into the new AC30 & AC15 Custom Classic amplifiers, and you’ll understand exactly why the music fraternity has taken these amplifiers to their hearts.

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